Sample Grants

Please see below for an example of the projects and equipment we provide.  Please refer to our apply for a grant page to see what we are currently funding as our criteria for projects and equipment changes annually.

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Cosmo Explore Packs

We recently rolled out cosmo explore packs. The Cosmo is a communication aid and educational interactive learning system. It is made up of two parts: (a) […]

Winter Warmer Packs

This winter we deployed 100 children with a winter warmer pack. Each pack consisted of a penguin fleece blanket, an oddie wearable blanket, a pair of […]


We recently provided two children with equipment, a gravity chair which is a foam positioning system to enable children to sit with the correct posture and […]

Express Elf Deliveries

At Christmas we supplied a vast number of balloon deliveries. Each balloon bouquet included an elf on the shelf, our families loved the fun they had […]

Cost Of Living Crisis

With many of our families being thrown into a position of eating or heating last winter, we quickly established three targeted support projects with a pot […]

Our New Respite Home, V.I.P By The Sea

We are happy to announce that we have purchased a brand new wheelchair adapted respite home. The respite home includes full wheelchair access, with widened doorways, […]

Down On The Farm Literacy Packs

Every year we provide newly themed sensory packs to develop language, communication and motor skills, this year we have chosen farming. We sent out multiple of […]

Down On The Farm Sensory Pack & Tables

We recently sent out our newly themed ‘Down on the Farm’ sensory pack. The packs included an adjustable stand and tuff tray for wheelchair users, an […]

The Mark Benevolent Fund

Following a wonderful donation from The Mark Benevolent Fund of £5,750 to provide 50 sensory musical packs , we were invited to their grand parade on […]

Bendrigg Residential Activity Week 2023

This May 23 we attended The Bendrigg Activity Centre for a weeks residential stay. Our young people abseiled down the wall of a quarry in their […]

Delichon All Terrain Wheelchairs

We recently purchased three Delichon all terrain wheelchairs. The Delta Delichon is a robust lightweight All-Terrain wheelchair Buggy that opens new horizons beyond the reach of […]


We have purchased multiple equipment through the year, below are some examples of the equipment we have funded recently. Acheeva – An Acheeva is a seating […]


Over the weekend, our Project Development Officer, Myles, has been down at our VIP by the Sea caravan at Shorefield Country Park to take delivery of […]

Strongbones Star Bakers

We are pleased to have sent out multiple Christmas baking kits over the festive period. Each kit included wooden utensils, cookies for Santa, Reindoor food, Christmas […]

Splashy Bath Seats

We are pleased to have purchased ten Splashy portable bath seats earlier this year and have recently purchased a further ten. This equipment has been life […]


We are so happy to have provided 100 Halloween balloon bouquets to our children. He hope you enjoy a selection of the photos below.

Emergency Energy Grants

We have had to provide additional emotional support in response to being inundated with messages from our families suffering with extreme stress and anxiety from the […]

Respite Home 2023

We are currently fundraising to purchase a new adapted holiday home.  The respite home includes full wheelchair access, with widened doors and areas through the home […]

Music Therapy From Around The World

We supplied over one hundred music educational packs with the theme of ‘musical instruments from around the world’.  Each kit included a Chinese Gong, Chilean Rain […]

Accessible Gardening

This summer we were happy to multiple accessible planting and potting garden packs with each pack including a planting table that has been made for wheelchair […]

Shower Trolleys

We are pleased to have purchased numerous specialist shower trolleys. They are an essential piece of equipment for wet rooms for people that require assistance with […]

Portable Hoists

We are pleased to have purchased multiple hoists to enable children to be transferred safely and with the correct posture and enables our children access to […]

Acheeva Seating Solutions

We are pleased to have purchased multiple Acheevas this year. The Acheeva is a multi positioning solution for prone/supine and side laying. The Acheeva also allows […]

Easter Balloons

There is no better way to start the day than with a giant box of colourful helium balloons arriving to your doorstep. This Easter we sent […]

Naidex 2022

We are pleased to provide our project development officers report on his visit to Naidex. “At the start of July 2022, I attended Naidex at the […]

Cadburys World Day Trip

Check out our video below of our first pilot trip to the amazing accessible Cadburys World.   Cadbury Trial Visit from Rachel on Vimeo.


On Saturday 02nd July our Projects Development Officer Myles went to Aerobility along with April and some of our families to trial this amazing experience out, […]


Last week Myles Sketchley our Projects Development Officer piloted a trip to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour to see just how accessible is was. “Last week […]

Jubilee Festival Packs

To celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we sent out 30 Garden Festival Packs to our families throughout the UK. These packs were a huge success, and […]


On the 6th July, a small team will be attending the Naidex exhibition at NEC Birmingham to look for new equipment, technology and resources. Our Project […]


We are currently trialling the AbleTowel and the AbleSling to see if they are suitable and useful to our young people. The AbleTowel is a liner […]


We are looking for funding for Ropox Vision Tables. This table is designed for wheelchair users to enable them to do their studies, crafts, reading and […]


In previous years, we have been very fortunate to receive funding for an inclusive family activity weekend at Bendrigg Trust. We would love to be able […]


We are very happy to have found a wheelchair accessible garden table that the whole family can sit at with our young people in their wheelchairs. […]


Our Project Development Officer, Myles, has been super busy over the past year designing an accessible gaming pack that will allow our young people to access […]


We have previously been given the funding to supply a couple of families with shower trolleys, however, we are currently looking for more funding to be […]


We have previously funded this life-changing piece of equipment for a few of our young people, however we are looking for further funding to be able […]


Soon, a small team will be attending Calvert Trust, Kielder, to trial their inclusive family residential experience. This will include accessible accommodation and indoor and outdoor […]

Day Trips

In July, our Project Development Officer, Myles, is taking a small selected group of VIPs to trial an exciting flying experience with Aerobility. This opportunity is […]

Musical Instruments from around the world

We are currently working on the educational project ‘Musical Instruments From Around The World’. Our Projects Manager Myles, is currently trialling out instruments to see which […]

Strongbones Christmas Boxes

Again this Christmas we made one hundred Christmas family boxes , each box consisted of inclusive family activities for the whole family to take part in […]

Skoog Communication Aid

We are pleased to announce we recently purchased more Skoog communication aids. The Skoog is both a language/communication aid and musical instrument in one. This equipment […]

Strongbones Christmas Boxes

It’s that time of year again where the elves are busy in their grotto getting ready the Strongbones Christmas boxes. We are getting ready to send […]

Bespoke Sensory Tables

We are pleased to announce our twenty bespoke sensory tables are now in the homes of our young persons. Each table was made to measure, for […]

Superheroes On Vacation

WOW! We are absolutely amazed by our superheroes and sidekicks completing their own challenges for Superheroes on Vacation, what superstars they are!!!! Thank you everyone taking […]

Skoog Communication Aid

We are pleased to announce we recently purchased multiple Skoogs and wheelchair mounts. The Skoog is both a language/communication aid and musical instrument in one. This […]

Bespoke Sensory Tables

We are very excited to tell you about our newest equipment item that is perfect for our wheelchair VIPs… A bespoke sensory play table that is […]

Raiders Ice Hockey Charity Partner 2021/22

We are extremely happy to announce that we are the official charity partner of the Raiders ice hockey team. We are so happy to be selected […]

Superheroes On Vacation Event

After the amazing team spirit of the past Superhero Series events, we’ve signed up again to At Home Superheroes – Superheroes on Vacation! – Virtually, of […]

Boccia Kits

We are so happy to have purchased multiple children boccia sets, boccia is one of the fastest growing sports for people with disabilities and is a […]

Under The Sea Sensory Packs

We are pleased to announce we recently sent out multiple under the sea sensory packs, each pack included a ocean wave drum, water matt, an under […]

Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating 20 Years   This year we reach an important milestone for Strongbones marking twenty years since we started out on the way forward trying to […]

Under The Sea Balloons

We have just recently sent out 100 bouquets of ‘under the sea’ balloons to our children. Under the sea is the theme we are currently running, […]

Chris runs 50 Miles for Strongbones

We would like to thank this superstar Chris!!! Chris raised an amazing £1,375.06 by running 50 miles in just one day for Strongbones in memory of […]

Fibre Optics

We are pleased to update that we have been able to provide multiple sets of Rompa fibre optic lights to our most complex children to provide […]

Portable Ramps

We are pleased to provide multiple sets of portable ramps. Below are some photos.

Gantry Hoists

We are pleased to have been able to purchase a selection of gantry hoist systems. This portable hoist provides a wide range of practical solutions to […]

Acheeva Learning Station

We are extremely pleased to have been able to purchase twelve Acheeva Learning Stations. The Aceehva is a multi-positioning solution for prone/supine and side lying. The […]

At Home Education

We are extremely pleased to have been able to purchase multiple educational resources during the pandemic, in the form of the Osmo Genius kits. Below is […]

Love Is In The Air

This valentines day Strongbone’s was able to spread joy to over 100 children by sending them a large bouquet of balloons. Strongbones Valentines Balloons from Rachel […]

Looking to 2022

Over the past year, our focus has been on packs and equipment for children and young people who were restricted due to COVID19. We wanted to […]

Superheroes At Home 2021

This summer, Team Strongbones will be uniting once again to complete the At Home Superheroes powered by Marvel.  We are hoping to get even more families […]

Adapted Paddle Board

We are extremely proud to have been able to fund an adapted paddle board to the organisation Surfability. This board will allow our most complex of […]

Home Educational Packs

We recently purchased multiple home educational packs for our children that are

Inflatable sensory pods 2nd round

We are happy to have been able to fund our second batch of sensory pods to our children still currently shielding at home. We purchased a […]


Strongbones have previously participated in the Summer Superhero Tri, our Youth Ambassador, Myles Sketchley, wanted to bring our families together virtually to provide a challenge, support […]

Postcode Neighbourhood Trust

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been awarded funds of £12,610 from the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust. Postcode Neighbourhood Trust is a grant-giving charity […]

At Home Winter Wonderwheels Event

We are pleased to announce on 05th December 2020 we will be taking part in the at home winter wonderwheels as a charity friend of the […]

Lockdown, Shielding & Beyond……

Below is a first hand personal account by Myles  Sketchley our Intern on his individual experiences and emotions as a young disabled man during the last […]

Updated Guidance On Shielding

Please read below for updated government guidance on shielding and protecting people whom are extremely vulnerable from COVID-19.  

We Need Your Help!!!

We have been inundated with requests for sensory equipment for children that are still currently shielding. Even though restrictions have been lifted our families are still […]

At Home Superheroes

On Saturday 4th July 27 teams of Strongbones families took part in the Superhero at Home event.  This event is organised by the Superhero Series and […]

Health Games Donation

We are extremely pleased to announce we have won a £5,000 donation from the Health Lottery.  We were shortlisted with three other charities , and members […]

Inflatable Sensory Pods

We are so happy to have been able to fund our first batch of sensory pods to our children currently shielding at home in isolation .This […]

Lockdown Craft Time Disney Week

For this weeks daily challenges we choose the theme Disney, as we know just how much the children love all things Disney. The challenges we set […]

Lockdown Craft Time Lobster Handprints & Dreamcatchers

Our last two daily challenges have been to make lobster hand/feet print paintings and to make dreamcatchers. Here are a few photos of their masterpieces:-

How To Stay Safe At Home

  Important information for our families and carers on how to stay extra safe at home . Please click on the link to below where you […]

Life In Lockdown

Our youth ambassador Myles has wrote a blog on his personal experience of life in lockdown as a vulnerable young person. He also done a survey […]

Lockdown Craft Time Wind-Chime & VE Day Bunting & Wreaths

Our last three challenges have been for the children to make wind-chimes, bunting and wreaths to decorate their houses with to celebrate VE Day. The children […]

Lockdown Craft Time Sensory Bottle & Mini Maypoles

Our last two daily challenges has been to make a sensory bottle where the children used glitter, sequins, food colouring, Lego pieces or small items to […]

Lockdown Craft Time Peacock Hand Art & Disc Light Catchers

Our last two days challenges have been peacock hand art and disc light catchers. We had great feedback from the families on the disc light catchers, […]

Lockdown Craft Time Pasta Art, Jellyfish & Lanterns

Our last three daily challenges have been pasta art, sensory jellyfish and lanterns. The children made some lovely pictures out of pasta. Sensory jelly fish so […]

Lockdown Craft Time Make A Butterfly

This challenge we set the children to make a butterfly, be it with handprints, toilet rolls or the ever faithful butterfly smudge painting, below are some […]

Lockdown Crat Time Finger Print Tree

We tasked the kids to print the tree template from our support group and make a beautiful finger print tree, some of the children wanted to […]

Lockdown Craft Time Chicken Glove & Rainbow Ice Tower

We asked the children to make a chicken from a glove and also a rainbow ice tower, where the children put small items into a large […]

Lockdown Craft Time Sock Puppet

We set the children with a task to make a sock puppet . We hope you enjoy some of  the children’s creations .

Lockdown Craft Time Tin Foil Hats

We tasked the children to make a hat from tin foil,  it could be a Viking helmet , a knights helmet or a crown .  We […]

Lockdown Craft Time Design A Plant

  We tasked the children to design their own summer plant which could be drawn, painted or modelled .  We hope you enjoy the photos of […]

Lockdown Craft Time Egg Painting

We thought we would share with you some of the amazing craft sessions our families have been partaking in .  This is a fun way to […]

Ideas For Isolation Activities

Our youth ambassador Myles has come up with these useful ideas below of activities to do while in isolation:- Hey friends, with everything that’s happening in […]

Covid-19 Update

  As we enter the fourth week since the need to close our office the trustees wanted to let you know we appreciate how difficult the […]

Lewis Acheeva

We are so happy to have purchased an Acheeva for Lewis. The Acheeva has now allowed Lewis to be able to go outside regularly with his […]

Easter Sensory Packs

This Easter ourselves and Myles Sketchley thought of a really good idea for a Easter sensory pack, we sent out 60  packs that  consisted of a […]

Molift Hoists

We are pleased to say we have funded a further 5 Molift Hoists after seeing the huge difference they had made on previous families lives. Molift […]


We are pleased to say we recently purchased our first batch of the trabasack curve connect, which is a wheelchair lap desk. The unique “Connect” tray […]

Natural History Museum

We recently took 20 young carers on an educational sleep over at the Natural History Museum. Our siblings settled down for the evening with an educational […]


We are pleased to announce we recently purchased twenty Promove Slings, which is another moving and handling solution for children with severe orthopaedic conditions and those […]

Summer Family Day

On 4th August 400 children and parents descended onto Dunchurch Park Hotel for a fully inclusive family day where they were welcomed through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate […]

Space Sensory Packs

We are extremely happy to have funded 120 sensory space packs, each pack contained a star light projector, a box of 10 sensory planet balls to […]

Superhero Tri

  During August six teams made up of strongbones families attended the SuperHero Tri in Windsor as an official charity friend of the event. Families took […]

National Diversity Awards Winner

Myles Sketchley Honoured at UK’s Largest Diversity Awards We are extremely proud to announce that our Youth Ambassador and intern Myles Sketchley won a National Diversity […]

Strongbones Internship

We are so proud to announce that Myles has completed his first year of his internship and also achieved his Diploma in Vlogging. We are so […]

Strongbones Party 2019

We are holding our annual party on Sunday 04th August for 400 people at Dunchurch Park Hotel. The children will be welcomed through willy Wonka gates […]

Super Hero Tri

We are so excited to be a charity friend at this years Super Hero Tri on 17th August taking place in Windsor. We have 6 super […]

Myles BecomesNDA Finalist

We are so proud to announce our youth ambassador & Intern Myles Sketchley has been shortlisted from 28,000 nominations for a National Diversity Award for Positive […]

KidsOut Colour Dash 2019

Myles our intern organised Strongbones first trip to Drayton Manor for our first KidsOut colour Dash. Over 100 Strongbones members attended and took part in this […]

Cinema Boxes

Myles our internship posted out 100 Odeon cinema tickets kindly donated by KidsOut, Myles made up cinema boxes that contained cinema tickets, popcorn and a sweet […]

Bendrigg 2019

This June we attended our second trip to the Bendrigg Activity Centre where we took 70 people for an inclusive weekend of adrenalin filled action. Bendrigg […]

Get Your Running Shoes On

Our parent ambassador Hayley is getting her running shoes on to tackle the Manchester marathon to raise money for our huge summer party , already reaching […]

Candyland Fundraiser

So our intern/youth ambassador organised his first fundraiser with his amazing friend Mercedy’s last weekend . The event was called Candyland and they raised a staggering […]

Summer Family Day

We have been a little quiet of late because we have been working on this years party conisisting of a huge sensory circus . this years […]

Update For The Year Ahead

      So we thought we would update you of whats been going on at HQ . The entire structure of the charity has been […]

Our Young Advisory Enters Colour Dash

A huge thank you to our young advisory Abigail Kirby for working so hard to raise funds for this years family fun day .   You […]

New Young Advisories Panel

We are delighted to have appointed Abigail Kirby and Ben Moncrieffe as young advisories .  Expect to see Ben and Abigail at all our future events […]

Christmas Family Boxes

This Christmas we made one hundred Christmas family boxes , each box consisted of inclusive family activities for the whole family to take part in together […]

Romford United Reformed Church

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Romford United Reformed Church in Romford for raising a staggering £4,3000.  This money has been […]

InKind Disney Christmas Magic

We were extremely lucky to be selected to receive a huge donation of Mickey Mouse Teddies by InKind Direct and Disney UK to send to children […]

Christmas Toy Drop

Thanks to InKind Direct we was able to extend our reach with four massive toy drops from Lego to amazing Disney Gifts to children staying in […]

Our New Intern

We are extremely proud to announce that Myles our youth ambassador having finished full time education last year is now completing an internship with us .  […]

Allied Mobility Charity Of The Year

We are extremely proud to have won the Allied Mobility Charity of the year award at Octobers DMUK Awards .    The event was held at […]