Emotional Support

We  provide a friendly and considerate ear to parents who need advice or just someone to talk to seven days a week. Our advisors all have a vast knowledge base of caring for a disabled child with lived experience covering newly diagnosed through to palliative care. We have a online network support forum on Facebook where families can be put in contact with those in similar circumstances as themselves, ask us questions or share stories of their children’s prognosis and progress. We currently have over 1,000 active members ultilising our support forum.   This is a private Facebook profile that you have to request to join on the link below and send us a  letter of diagnosis via messenger before you can be added.  We are here to answer all your questions and support you during times of struggle .  Whether it be advice on conditions,  worries of upcoming procedures,  equipment , transition to adult services , guidance on entitlements , education issues , palliative care, social isolation  or just that its a bad day , we are here to help so please join our community because together we are stronger.

Please click on the link below to join our community


Alternatively if you would like to discuss anything confidentially via telephone please contact  01708 750599 and one of our support team will call you back.  

“Our beautiful Strongbones Family have been in our lives for a decade now.  There are not enough words that come close to describing how dear they are to us and how valued everything they do for us is.  They always try and put smiles on our children and young people’s faces, but they also try and help us make special memories with our children and go out of their way to try and make our lives easier.  They think outside of the box, and they have Inclusion at the forefront of their minds and the work they do.  Infact “work” is probably the wrong word to use as what they do is clearly their passion.   

Rhea has received some vital equipment from Strongbones – an Acheeva bed so she can rest whilst maintaining her correct posture all from the comfort of our living room rather than her spending hours isolated in her bedroom. We have been so lucky to have some beautiful moments with Rhea because of them – a Bibbidee Bobbidee makeover in Harrods, more magical family inclusive days than I can even remember, a flying experience where Rhea was sat up front next to the pilot and took her mummy and daddy for a flight around Surrey and so many more memorable experiences.   

Memories are something that money can’t buy and the very fact that they spend so long organising these events and looking at every tiny detail to make it as stress free for us is just heart-warming.  We have also had so many bundles as a family – balloons for every occasion you can think of, sensory packs, home schooling equipment to help us over COVID and so much more.  One of our best events they organised was the Marvel At Home Sensory Challenge where we contributed miles in the form of some very fun challenges. We have also made some special friends and formed lovely relationships through the charity which we value greatly.  We can’t express our thanks enough for putting smiles on our faces even at the hardest of times.   

We love having Strongbones as a part of our family and are in awe of all they do.  Infact my daughter Rhea who has severe and complex health needs, makes a donation of 10% to Strongbones of all her sales from the greetings cards she makes and sells because she knows that no one can make extra special children like ours happier than Strongbones can.  The passion and drive this charity have is second to none. ”

Purabi Lakhani