Our mission is to create a more inclusive society for our families

Helping families and disabled children with complex needs alongside scoliosis ,spina bifida, brittle bone disease or any other bone condition.

Group of children posing

Strongbones Events

Without Strongbones our daughter would have missed out on so much, they have supplied her with learning equipment, a trike and holidays away. They have left our family with memories we can cherish forever! Our Evie tells all her friends at school and teachers all about her favourite charity Strongbones, she tells them how much they help her and how amazing there parties are! Lol.

Strongbones is not just a charity for children, they give so much support to parents aswell, I have gone through some really tough times and they have been there for me offering support and helping me get through, introducing me to other mums with disabled children which helps us all support each other.

All the staff behind Strongbones are far beyond amazing! They all need a knighthood in my eyes! ???? and play a very important part in our families life, we are so thankful to them all for how long and hard they work to make a difference to all our beautiful disabled children.”

~ Lorna Taylor