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The Following Criteria Applies To All Applicants

– We support children with bone conditions that meet one of the following additional criteria:-

  • Wheelchair dependent
  • Complex health needs
  • Receiving palliative care

– New applicants must be aged over 3 years and under the age of 21 and reside in England, Wales or Scotland.

– Our grant scheme for children and young people is available for the following equipment and resources –

  • Cost of living / hardship grant (means-tested)
  • Food voucher / home fuel payment (means-tested)
  • Specialised profiling / turning beds
  • Acheeva learning stations
  • Supportive specialised seating
  • Shower / personal hygiene trolley
  • Shower chair / cradle
  • Portable gantry hoists
  • Molift mobile hoists
  • Delichon all-terrain buggy
  • Specialist trikes and sporting wheelchairs
  • Stabilo vacuum posture cushions
  • Therapy benches
  • Winter warmer packs
  • Essential white goods
  • Educational resources packs
  • Sensory packs and equipment ie. Fibre optics, Nanoleafs
  • Adapted accessible gaming kits
  • Portable smart home technology ie Amazon Alexa, Google Home, smart plugs, Hue lighting etc.
  • We will also considered email applications for other specialised equipment on a case by case basis.

– We also offer inclusive family respite opportunities, these include –

  • Bendrigg Trust and respite activity centre
  • Our fully adapted and accessible caravan, VIP by the Sea, at Shorefield Country Park, located in the New Forest. On-site facilities to include a pool hoist and changing facilities.
  • Various other supportive community days out and experiences.

– Applications will be assessed at periodic meetings by a panel consisting of Trustees, Project Development Officer, Parent Ambassadors and our Grants Officer. Emergency grants will be tabled as needed.

– All email applications must include all of the following –

  • Applicants name, email address and contact number.
  • Young person’s full name, address and date of birth.
  • An official letter from a hospital or other medical body detailing young person’s medical condition / diagnosis.
  • All applications must be accompanied with a quote.
  • All specialised seating applications must have the endorsement of an Occupational Therapist stating postural requirements and a brief explanation on why this is cannot be statutory funded.
  • All applications will include a brief description on how the equipment / resource will benefit the young person.

– All successful grants will be purchased from the supplier direct. The equipment will be delivered to you.

– Repeat applicants can only reapply after 18 months has elapsed since your last grant unless the child is terminal or under exceptional circumstances.

– All grants must be followed up with a photo and brief report AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after delivery to allow us to continue to monitor the outcomes of the grant process.

– All applications will not be successful and the trustees decision is final.

Image of disabled pupil smiling with illustration of muscles on wall


  • Spas / Baths
  • Driving Lessons
  • DFG Top Up’s
  • Clothing
  • Electric Wheelchairs (please visit Newlife and Whizzkids)
  • Permanent household fixtures and fittings
  • Garden & Bedroom Makeovers (WellChild provide grants for this please see following link)
  • WellChild | Garden & Bedroom Makeovers
  • Additional warranties
  • Servicing and repairs. This must be organised by yourself with the supplier.

If you would like to apply for a grant please email your application to us at 


Once we receive your email application and all the additional paperwork required, your application will go forward to the next available Trustees meeting and we will be in contact via email once we have a decision. If your application is successful, we require an update and a photo of the child using the equipment/ resource as soon as possible after delivery for our funders; this should be sent via email to .


Is your child poorly in hospital or having a planned large operation and would like some balloons?

Then please complete the form below attaching a copy of any new/old hospital letter confirming bone condition/diagnosis.

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