19th June 2020

Inflatable Sensory Pods

We are so happy to have been able to fund our first batch of sensory pods to our children currently shielding at home in isolation .This […]
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26th May 2020

Lockdown Craft Time Disney Week

For this weeks daily challenges we choose the theme Disney, as we know just how much the children love all things Disney. The challenges we set […]
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13th May 2020

Lockdown Craft Time Lobster Handprints & Dreamcatchers

Our last two daily challenges have been to make lobster hand/feet print paintings and to make dreamcatchers. Here are a few photos of their masterpieces:-
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12th May 2020

How To Stay Safe At Home

  Important information for our families and carers on how to stay extra safe at home . Please click on the link to below where you […]
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12th May 2020

Life In Lockdown

Our youth ambassador Myles has wrote a blog on his personal experience of life in lockdown as a vulnerable young person. He also done a survey […]
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10th May 2020

Lockdown Craft Time Wind-Chime & VE Day Bunting & Wreaths

Our last three challenges have been for the children to make wind-chimes, bunting and wreaths to decorate their houses with to celebrate VE Day. The children […]
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5th May 2020

Lockdown Craft Time Sensory Bottle & Mini Maypoles

Our last two daily challenges has been to make a sensory bottle where the children used glitter, sequins, food colouring, Lego pieces or small items to […]
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1st May 2020

Lockdown Craft Time Peacock Hand Art & Disc Light Catchers

Our last two days challenges have been peacock hand art and disc light catchers. We had great feedback from the families on the disc light catchers, […]
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29th April 2020

Lockdown Craft Time Pasta Art, Jellyfish & Lanterns

Our last three daily challenges have been pasta art, sensory jellyfish and lanterns. The children made some lovely pictures out of pasta. Sensory jelly fish so […]
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