Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust 12/07/2016 Euro Disney & D of E

Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust 12/07/2016 Euro Disney & D of E

Disneyland Paris and D of E

I went to Disneyland Paris in France, we went on the euro tunnel in the car from folkstone to Calais.

When we got there we went in the Disneyland Hotel to check in, a ladey gave me a birthday card from micky and the charicters. We went up to the coffee launge on the upper floor and had a drink.

After we went to Walt Disney Studios and went into the park and then we tried to find a ride sootible and we went on Aladdin and it was good with the ramp and the door that opend to get me on in my chair.

We went on Ratitoli Adventure, its like a simulater thing that I went on in my chair. That was also in the Walt Disney Studios Park, then we walkd arawnd and threw toy story land and then I had my photo took with Woody and Mickey Mouse. We walkd threw the studio bilding and it was like shops and ligts all lit up inside. The shops were accessible; they were good with a flat level floor. You coud get wheelchairs threw the tern stils in the park becose they had a specul gate that opend to get me in.

After that we whent to Disneyland Park and it had the same gates so I coud get in. We went to City Hall where we got some infamaction from to tell us what rides I coud go on in my chair, the ladey helpd us behind the desk so I new which rides I coud get a fastpas for. She gave me a specul green card that I showd when I wantd to go on a ride.


IMG_7425 IMG_8880

I could get on the Buzz Ligtyear ride in my wheelchair becose it had a specul traler to get my chair in, it had a specul door with a buten that you prest and it opend the door threw a arch  way, a accessible door to go threw to the ride. The man put a specul ramp down and daddy pushd me on. Daddy sat with me in the traler and he past me the gun so I coud do the ride. It was esy geting of the ride it was the same stop and we went threw the same door to get out. We whent to look at the photos at the photo boothe shop at the exit and we fawnd we was in the gift shop of Toy Storey. I went on the ride twise becose it was so good.

Then we whent on it’s a smal werld, I showd the man the card and then showd a ladey the card and then we waitd and they bort a boat rawnd with a ramp inside and they puld the ramp out on to the side and then weeled me on. I sat at the front and my familey sat with me in the boat it was good. Wen we got of it was esy we went back up the ramp and got of my front wheels got a bit stuk and cort. It wood be fine if you was in a electric but for manul chairs it was a bit steep.



Then we went to Alice in wonderland maze we showd the ladey the card and she opend the gate and it went strayt in to the maze. I reley likt it daddy kept asking me which way to go.

I whent in a rocket simulater ride there was a man torking ferst then we whent into the studio and the ligts startd flashing red and sirns where going and then it startd shaking and it made fire and we all got wet and then there was a crash land and we exitd the ride.

There was a studio tor ride where I could get in the carige with my familey it was a good ride. It went to a seen where there was a lorry and worter came crashing out and it startd shaking me in the carige and you coud here the carige driving over the pipe that shuk the carige.

There wernt eney uther rides I cud go on in my chair so we whent on thos rides agen and agen. I met all the charicters and got their autgrafes and had pictures with them.

Disneyland was grate it was accessible for pepul in weelchairs but I wish there was mor rides I culd go on.

In school I have been doing my Duke of Edingburuh bronse with my frends. We went to Rufford Abby and Sherwood forist on our expedishons. I had to sleep in school and put up a tent with my groop and cook our diner on the trangiyer. We cookd pasta and tomato sauce for diner.

We startd our wolks by looking at the map of pictures and werking together to find the rite path. It was esey and we werked as a teem. We took photos when we wolked arawnd of accessibility and how it afects the inviroment. We had to have brekfast befor we left school and we made our own lunchs to take whith us. I reley injoyd D of E.

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  1. Really enjoyed seeing all the pics of your adventures in Disney, they were amazing, so so glad you got to go on some of the rides, and meet some of the characters, my Freya is Disney mad, and I loved getting her pics taken with the characters when we went to Disney, memories to cherish forever, I agree with you in that I really wished they had more accessible rides in theme parks, hopefully Disney will be getting some more in the near future, best of luck with your Duke of Edinburgh award, with love from Emma and Freya. xxxxx

  2. Wow Myles it sounds like you’ve had some great adventures I hope the backpack came in useful on your Disney stay I would love to take George to Disney but have wondered how accessible it would be a from your blog it seems like it is this is really really useful info, I am a little more convinced now on the accessibility its the medical side of it that worries me now as George can go poorly pretty quickly. Well done on your Duke of Edinburgh Award you are an amazing young man & carry on blogging!!! Lol Karen & George

  3. Myles, firstly well done on gaining your Duke of Edinburgh award! Not easy to achieve! Love reading your accounts of all your activities and it’s a really useful tool when planning trips for Bradley, as you know he does walk but knowing places are accessible makes it so much easier because Bradley doesn’t walk that well or very far! Thank you Myles for sharing your adventures and pointing out what’s easy and what’s not too easy!
    Sounds like you’ve had a brilliant time, we’re going to Disney Land Paris next year, but we’ll be taking the routes you took because you got a lot more done than we did this year❤️ Thanks mate xxx

  4. Great to hear about your trip to Paris Myles – you should be on TV with your own accessible travel show! I’m so glad you enjoyed the rides you were able to go on. Did you have a favourite? My daughter wants to go there just so she can visit Pizza Planet, the Toy Story restaurant!!!

  5. Myles this is fabulous info we would love to go back to Disney so it’s fantastic to know that we would be able to get around easily and on rides. I too wish they had more accessible rides for wheelchairs but I’m glad you really enjoyed the ones you could get on. And a special birthday card from the park that’s great something to treasure. I love reading your blogs the information you provide is so relevant to us. Just one thing how did you find toileting?? Did they have accessible toilets in the parks??

    What a wonderful adventure your D of E award sounds would love to go back and do mine all over again. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to help my 2 monkeys get theirs.

    Good job as always Myles xxx

  6. Love hearing about youre travels Myles and sharing what access is like. Its very useful for others planning trips away. D of E sounded amazing, so pleased you were able to enjoy it xxxx Beth Hughes

  7. Hi Myles, what a fantastic time you had in Disney! Great to hear there are a few wheelchair friendly rides….should be more but at the very least it’s a start to inclusion! Well done on your Duke of E award aswell. Very proud of you.

  8. Hi Myles, from a fellow blogger I just wanted to say how much I love your blogs and seeing what you get up to. Well done on your Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, and for highlighting the need for more wheelchair-accessible rides so more people like you (and me) can enjoy them in our wheelchairs. Thank you for being a voice for disabled young people and for raising awareness of accessibility, and for showing disabled people we can still achieve and have fun. Keep up the good work Myles; I wait with excitement for every new blog! Lucy x

  9. Hey Myles, Thank you for taking the time to do these blogs.
    I am so pleased you had a fabulous time at Disney, we absolutely love it there.
    The wheelchair rides are awesome, the Ratatouille ride is one of my favourites as well as it’s a small world.
    The dreams show is just magical, I loved seeing all your Disneyland photos as it pure magic there, I am so pleased you had this opportunity to go as it is fantastic.
    We go every year as it is fantastic for wheelchair users.

    Also I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.
    You are an inspiration to us all.

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