Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust 08/06/16 Centre Parcs & Barcelona

Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust 08/06/16 Centre Parcs & Barcelona

Hello, Myles here. I have been to Centre Parcs Woburn Forest. It is luvly weelchair access. We met up with anuther Strongbones family, Alison, Jon and Logan. The chalay was good wheelchair access with wide doors and rooms and the bed was accessibul becuse I had eletric bed. It didn’t have a track hoist in my room or bathroom so some pepul mite find it hord, you wud have to take your own mobile hoist.

The Plaza and pottrey steudio were acessibul for weelchair users as I culd get under the table and do the activiteys.

We went to the sub tropicul swimming paridise, wen we went in we trid to look for the accessibul changing room with the hoist but we cudnt find it, we askd the staff where it was but the ladey in the shop didn’t no. We went to the gest servise desk and a man radiod anuther man and we met him at the entrnice of the pool and he warked with us to the changing area with a hoist. We got changed and put our stuff in a locker and mum and dad got me in the pool chair and strayt into the pool. Wen I got into the wave pool daddy had to lift me manyley into the water and put the water back on the side. The pool was good at ferst but it made me feel scared becuse the waves kepd going on my face and I didn’t like it but that was the onley pool I cud go in. I went in the lazy river but daddy had to put me back in the pool chair to go up a littule ramp and then into the lazy river. I had to be put in a giant ring and I was laying down and looking up to the seeling. It was relaxing going rawnd but I didn’t like the fawntins becuse it got my eyes wet.

We had a big problum when we got out the pool in the changing room becuse the locker wudnt open becuse the rist key band didn’t open it but the locker was stuck. We had to get staff to help and open the locker becuse all my stuff and towels and sling was in there. A lot of pepul came but cudnt open it and it took ages and ages to open it and I was stuck in the pool chair that hurt my leg. Daddy had to get a difrent sling that went under my arms and liftd me up onto the bed but I was hurting a lot. Wen I got my cloths and towel I had to get dresd and go back to the chalay to bed to carm down and relax.

I liked the supermarket becuse it was weelchair accessibul, I had my own shopping trolley and the iylses were wide. I have done a film that I will put on YouTube of me in the Parc Market.

I also went to Barcelona before Centre Parcs, it was hot. The airport was good becuse it had a ambulift that got me off the plane to the grawnd. A speshul assistnce man pushd me thruw the airport with mum and dad and wayted with us outside until a weelchair taxi came. Wen the taxi came the man pushd on and helpd mum and dad strap me in and then went back in the airport.

We stayd in the Crown Plaza central Barcelona, it was a good hotel, our room was good, it was accesibul going into the hotel becuse they had a ramp to get in and I cud get thruw the revolving door. The room didn’t have a track hoist thow.

In Barcelona we warked arawnd on the streets and went to explor, mummy got me a map of Barcelona. It was good. We went on the site seeing bus and sor lods, they have difrent colur lines and we did hop on and hop of. The best bit of Barcelona was the arena shopping center. When we got there we had to pay to go up a lift to go on the roof of the bilding above the shopping center, it was a site seeing attraction. You cud see the hole of Barcelona from the top with the mawntins in the back grawnd. Then we went back down the same lift to go arawnd the shopping center.

A man told us the Metro Barcelona wasn’t accesibul on some lines so I cudnt go on it so we had to go back to the hotel.

I liked Barcelona but I wudnt go back becuse there wasn’t much to do for me, I thort there wud be lots but there wasn’t.


I have got a few things cuming up soon like London Zedisel Zoo, Northumbiland and Disneyland Paris, so I will be filming some more weelchair accesibility videos soon.


Thanks for reading my comments and wotching my videos.



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  1. Fab as always Myles, you certainly keep yourself and your Mum and Dad busy, we have never been to centre parcs, but have heard great things about it, sorry to hear about the changing room in the swimming pool, it must of been so uncomfortable for you, glad you were ok in the end and we have always wanted to travel to Barcelona, it’s on my to do list, I would love to go to the Nou camp and watch a Barcelona game, if I ever get there I will be sure to check the shopping centre out, it sounds amazing, with love from Emma and Freya. xxxxx

  2. It was really interesting to hear about your trips Myles – I’m sorry to hear you hurt your leg at Center Parcs. It’s great to hear about what facilities are wheelchair accessible; I guess some of them still have a bit of work to do.
    Keep up the great work with the blog Myles ????????

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