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It has been a long time since I last blogged so I’m just writing a update to let you know what I am up to. I have been very busy planning the Strongbones party and organizing lots of things to make it special for all my amazing Strongbones friends!



My most resant holiday was to Rome, I did lots of filming wile I was there and have put a vlog togther on YouTube if you want to have a look.

My thorts on Rome –

  • It’s a bit bumpy becose of the cobules.
  • Its not suitble for electric wheel chairs becose the curbs are a bit high and steep.
  • Some hotels have been made wheel chair accesibule by putting ramps up to the hotel and having lifts (if they work!)
  • The sightseeing buses are totaly accessibule. The bus lowers to the curb and they have a ramp that slides out so it is easy to get on and off the bus.
  • The Rome terminal train stachon is fully accessibule, it’s all on the same level and no ticket gate to get thrugh.
  • The metro stachon underground subway is in the Rome terminal train stachon but you go down a lift to the ticket hall. Once your at the gate it is accessibule, its got a disbled sign on the gate and I could get through independantley. The walkways are wide until you get to the lift then the entrance to the lift was a big area to go down to the platform.
  • The platform was accessibule and flat, there was a little gap between the platform and the train but it was fine. There was a accessibule door to get on the train right at the front behind the driver. This area was open and clear to get wheel chairs in easiley.
  • The stachon we got off at had like a stair lift that went all the way up the stairs. That was operated by a man whith a remote controle. Then we whent to the gate it was big enuf to get thruogh but it had to be manuoley pushed open so I needed some help. Then there was anuther stair lift to street level. The man who operated the bottom stair lift also operated the stair lift to street level so if there was more than one wheel chair they would need to wait a littele while for the man to come back down. There was a buzzer whith a light on it to say you need help at the bottom on the platform level, but it didn’t work and it wasent low enuf for me to rech in my chair so I wouldent be able to use it independantley.
  • The airport was fully accessibule, it had a long ramp and utomatic dubule doors to get in the airport from the runway and from the street. It was all on one level inside and clean and wide to get my chair thrugh.
  • The taxi from the airport was accessibule but they only had one so we had to wait.
  • The Vatican museum was good becose there was a lift so you could get in it was flat and had a little slope ramp going in to the actule bulding. The hole museum was fully accesibule for wheel chair users, you could get up close to things to be able to see them clerley. Unfortuentley the exit lift was not working when I was there but I came down the same lift I whent up in so it wasent a problem.
  • The colosseum was fully accessibule becose it had a ramp going in to it. On the way to the colosseum it was bumpy becose of the cobules on the street. Inside when you walk around was prity flat when you got to the end you had to press a button and utomatic gate opend and you go up a ramp to a lift then up to the top, then you could see inside the stadeum from the top but you couldent get into the middle of the stadeum.
  • The Spanish Steps was accessibule arund the steps and at the bottom there was an area to sit in so you could see the steps but not go up them.
  • The Trevey fountains were partly accessibule I could get to the benchers arund the fountains and see the fountains but not actuley to them becose it was steps.
  • The memoriual is wheel chair accessibule and its like a balconey you look down at the colums. There was a glass lift to go down but it wasent working so I wasent able to go down but the view from the balconey was good.




My favrite part of Rome was the colosseum becose I like the shape of the bilding and its got a good glass lift that you can see out onto Rome and you can see the lift moving up the shaft.


I wouldent recomend Rome to electric wheel chairs users becose the cerbs and cobules are too bumpy.


I would recomend Rome to manule wheel chair users with there family so they can help push them around.


I would defintley recomend Rome to travelers and for a family holiday.


If you would like to see my vlog on YouTube please click the link below!


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Love Myles x

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