Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust 21/03/16 Kidz To Adults In The Middle

Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust 21/03/16 Kidz To Adults In The Middle

Hello giys, how are you?

I went to Kidz and adults in the middle on Thursday 10th March 2016 in Ricoh arena Coventry. Wen I got there I woked around and met sum people like the man from JCM, Ann Haris from Wizz Kids, a lady called Elayn from curdwel children, Tracy from the Familey voice, Tristina the blune modling ladey and Sara from simple stuff works and our frends Lesley and her durter Emily  and lots of other people who new me.

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I woked around the stalls I saw lots of things I liked like a rocket wheelchair. I bought a bundle bean wheelchair cosy that will keep me dry wen I am woking in the forest doing my D of E aword. I bought a clothes protector for wen I go out to a restront so I don’t get it down me. I got a lot of brochures so wen I need new eqipmont in the future it can give me ideas. We looked at adaptd cars and hotels that are acessibul and holiday homes abrord that wer good.

Talk soon, I hope your all doing well.

From Myles.

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  1. We are so glad you had a good time at kidz in the middle. We wish we had been able to go. Bet it was lovely to see Sarah from simple stuff works!! I think this might be the first or second time we met you (at Sarah’s!). Lots of love buddy. From Lew Lew and SAMANTHA x

  2. Glad to see you enjoyed the show and got a few new things . Sorry bear was too poorly to attend to see you again .i love collecting new brouchures. Ot s hate us doing this.
    You take care sweets looking forward to reading next blog xxx

  3. Hi Myles that’s a fantastic review and if i had never been to kidz in the middle i sure would want to go. You even mentioned things that i had missed, and will be sure to look out for them the next time i go. The highlight for me was meeting up wirh you and your lovely mom Christine and dad Dave for a much needed coffee. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Keep up with your reports and i look forward to reading all about your next adventures. Lots of love Banks family xxxxx

  4. So glad you enjoyed the show, I might have to take a look at the wheelchair cosy you bought, could do with something like that for Freya, hope you got some ideas on hotels to stay in when your on your travels with your family, looking forward to your next blog Myles, take care matey. xxxxx

  5. Hi Myles, Sounds like you had a fab time at Kidz in the middle.
    We have never been, maybe one year we will go, When Owen is feeling up to it.
    Lovely to see your blog again Myles.
    Take care love Michelle & family xoxo

  6. Was lovely bumping into you and mum and dad Myles!! Glad you got lots of ideas and those bundle bean bags looked awesome may have to invest in one of those each for my 2 terrors!!

    Let us know if you try and of these fab accessible holiday homes you found.

    Lots of love
    Leanne xx

  7. Hey myles thanks for the info I’m going to google your bundle bean that sounds exciting!!! It might be good for Holly.
    I love the team from simple stuff they are always so helpful and nice.
    Anyway well done on another really informative brilliant piece of writing.
    You’re getting better and better every time I read one of your blogs.
    Lots of love and keep up the good work xxxxxx
    Hayley Gary holly Josh Ruby and Izzy xxxxx

  8. Thank you so much for sharing with us things that you learnt about and came across there. It’s so helpful Myles to us all. Im going to google some of the companies and products you have recommended. Keep up the good work! X

  9. Sarah Milne I love reading your blog Myles smile emoticon keep up the amazing work x

    Emma Cranio-mum Clydesdale Keep up the great work Myles-and Christine Sketchley x x x

    Emma Mathison Just read your Blog Myles-and Christine Sketchley, very good, I’m gonna take a look at the wheelchair cosy too, so thanks for the info. xxxxx

    Beth Hughes Sounds like a great day Myles. You met some lovely people and saw some fab 5hings look forward to the next blog lots of love xxx

    Michelle Wignall well done Myles, another great blog. I’m glad you enjoyed and found your day informative. BundleBeans are great, Jack has one too I’m off to google Family Voice as not aware of them, so thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your next one xxxx

  10. Sorry we missed you this time, sounds like you met some lovely people and got lots of information for the future.
    Have fun looking through all those booklets

  11. Hey Myles,
    Great report! Sounds like you found a lot of helpful things out.
    We had a balloon modeling lady at our wedding. ( She is a friend we go camping with and she lives on the Isle of Wight) They are very clever at what they can make aren’t they?
    I’m very impressed to read that you are doing your D of E. Wow! That will be a fab experience. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Lots of love, Rissy X

  12. Sounds like you had a very busy day Miles. You’ve managed to get lots of really useful information that will come in useful in the future – well done for thinking ahead!

  13. Great report. Never been to this event as always at to hear about any.extra information. Simple.stuff a fab company with.Great,.caring staff who know their.stuff.
    Keeps the blogs coming. Xx

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