Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust 08/02/2016 Myles’s new VLOG

Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust 08/02/2016 Myles’s new VLOG

We are excited to present our youth ambassadors first ever Vlog, Myles is keen to pursue further studies  in IT/Media now he is 16.    Please leave him a comment along with any words of encouragement.    We are so proud of you Myles .


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  1. Hi Myles,
    Such a great idea to do a vlog! I run a social enterprise and we work with venues to give disabled children and their families memorable days out. We are looking for young people to try out venues and to let us know about the access so we can share their experiences with other people.
    We would so appreciate you sharing your future vlogs with us and we can share them out further with our families too.
    Do keep in touch!
    Good luck with the next vlog.

  2. Below are messages from our facebook page to Myles

    Alison Matthews Ive only been able to share on my profile. Would someone be kind enough to share on bears page please x

    Viv Cooper I hope you get to all of those exiting places you mentioned, I don’t know about Blackpool though lol. I’m off to centre PARCs this weekend. X

    Joeanne Underwood .bless

    Verena Graham I hope you have a great time on your visits .Look forward to your report.Keep us all informed as very useful

    Allan Robinson I live near Blackpool and it seems to be wheelchair friendly, the town centre is mainly pedestrian shopping, I use a powered wheelchair.

    Irene Parkinson Well done Myles You are in inspiration to other wheelchair users

    Sheila Jones Hope you have a great time Bless you Myles x

    Gary Denton Happy to share on twitter and linkedin.

    Siobhan Davies Brilliant Myles can’t wait to hear your next vlog with news of your trips! Xxx

    Anne Rickett Good luck Miles. Sounds like you’re going to be very busy! X

    Maureen O’connell Well done Myles and good luck on your campaign xx

    Jenny Evans Good luck Myles

    Becky Rideout Wow, you are going to be quite the traveller this year Myles! I’m looking forward to hearing about the accessibility of the different places you will visit. What a great idea for your Duke of Edinburgh too

    Jan Garbutt Shared. Best of luck Myles.

    Angela Henderson Hiya Myles, I’ll look forward to reading about your adventures and future Vlog’s

    Agnes Desmond Well said Myles ! Looking forward to your results as you go out and about ! X

    Maureen Mccaffrey Wonderful Myles xx you are a credit to your self ) we admire you determination ?? To get on with your life and in helping other s ?? G X

    Bev Hussien Go Miles!! Happy times ahead.
    Lesley Bell Well done myles x

    Julie Fancy Safe journey!

    Craig Hatch Fabulous Myles, I look forward to watching the others!

  3. Myles-and Christine Sketchley Thank you for all your support I rely apresheate it. I’m taking my go pro out whith me next week wen I’m on half term so I can praktise then. I will uplode my videos soon, thanks agein.
    Myles x

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