Super Siblings

We have set up a super sibling project, where the brothers and sisters of our  children have formed their own community.  It is imperative to us that siblings are included in all our projects and able to take part inclusively together as a family in all our competitions and events.  Many of our siblings help care for  their brother/sisters and can have low self esteem or feel left out or suffer with anxiety.  We have three sibling ambassadors who all have personal experience of having a brother or sister with complex needs.

Meet Our Sibling Ambassadors

“Hi I’m Ruby I’m 10 years old and I’m one of a super team of sibling ambassador for Strongbones.
My big sister Holly has complex health needs so I use my experience of being her little sister to try and help other siblings like me.
I love thinking up ideas for fun competitions for our siblings to take part in.
I’m a girl guide and I love camping and climbing. My favourite author is David Walliams and I love reading all his books. When I grow up I want to be an astronaut and I’ve got two cockapoos called Izzy and Teddy.”


“Hi our names are Zac and Jacob and we are sibling ambassadors along with Ruby. I am 14 and Jacob is 12. Our sister Sara has lived with a plethora of disabilities since birth including spina bifida, hydrocephalus, scoliosis, epilepsy, cerrabellar hypoplasia, chiari malformation and more. In our eyes, our sister is probably one of the strongest people we will ever know. We love being part of Strongbones and helping other siblings feel included in all the activities, parties and competitions that Strongbones run.” 

This sibling project means so much to us as a family as well as Ruby that she receives the recognition that she deserves sometimes. Having a brother or a sister with very complex health needs can be very challenging for her at times as her mum and dads time is consumed every day with a rigid routine of medicines and cares for Holly that can’t be compromised. A lot of the time Ruby will be doing very grown up tasks like helping to care for her sister and she has no idea how amazing she is as she just sees it as her normal and she’s just helping her big sister.

The sibling’s project is so amazing as it gives these very special brothers and sisters a time to shine and have all the attention on them for once. It really boosted Ruby’s little world as she felt so special and couldn’t wait to go to school to tell everyone.

Our life is very difficult at times and we can’t always shield Ruby from the seriousness of it so she has to deal with enormous issues that impact on the whole family from Holly’s condition but she does it with such ease and takes it all in her stride. We think she’s amazing but it means so much to us that you have given her the chance to be celebrated too. ”

~ The Smallman family