Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust 01/03/2016 My Trip To France

Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust 01/03/2016 My Trip To France

Hello Myles here,

I went to France for the day in half term with mum and dad. I went on the Eurotunnel from Fokstone to Calise. It took about 45 minets to get there. I sat in the car on the train and when we got there we wonted to go to a café for breakfast but they wer all shut becose it was like a Sunday but it was a wensday, even in calise town it was all shut. We stoped at a bakery on the ege of town and I et a browney  in the car becose ther were no seets in the bakery to sit down and eat. Then we was looking for calise vines but when we got to the shop Mum found a café to go to insted so we had a baget and a nestle hot choclet. It was good becose I cud go inside, it had level access door that was automatic so we cud sit inside and it had a little shop inside to. After that we went to calise vines that was next door and it had lots of wine in a big shop. Mum bort a rubix cube box with wine in to save and bring home.


We went to channel outlet store calise and we walked arawnd inside. It was weelchier accessible and had a lift going down to the undergraund parking. We cudnt park our VW underneth becose it was to low and had a high barriear so we had to park outside the outlet store but it was not to far walk to get in.

When we got back to dover we went to the premier inn and we stayed one night. The day after we went to ashford desinger outlet in kent, it was mcarther glen group same as east midlands desinger outlet. That was weelcheir accessible all over, it had a little ramp going up from the car park to the shops and then it was all flat in the shops. You have to pay and display parking to get in here thow £1. We had a lindt choclet to eat at the outlet and a hot choclet to drink at the café but ther was not eney seets so we had to drink it outside on the seets outside the shops. I definetely wud go to ashford desinger outlet agen soon.

I forgot to take my go pro camra to france with me but I will vlog agen soon.

Look forwed to reding your coments.

Thank you


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  1. Glad to hear you had a good time Myles. Did you find people helpful if you or your family needed it? It has been a long time since I went to France. Was this your first visit abroad?

  2. Hi Myles
    Brilliant blog, I love that you came down to Kent near us. Next time your this way let us know and Me and Elle will meet you. Elle was at the Ashford outlet last weekend and bought me home some Lindor chocolates. Keep up the good work xx

  3. Keep this information coming Myles as Dylan who is 15 and in a wheelchair loves travel and new places and we need to know where to take him and if it is accessible

  4. Zoe Cheryl Harrison Brilliant thanks myles very informative I was always concerned about the Euro tunnel due to the things I see on the news but you have put my mind at rest keep up the good work I enjoy reading about your travels wink emoticon

  5. I’m so releived to read you had a great time giving whats happening in France, i feel more confident in looking at France as a holiday destination. Knowing there are places that are wheelchair friendly makes it even more reassuring. Keep blogging Myles i love to read about your adventures xx

  6. . Glad you had a good time in France. I have been there and the people are real nice. Glad you had an awesome brownie too. I make them for my job. You are a real soldier

  7. Hi myles
    LOVED your blog!
    Lots of great information and I think you like shopping as much as me ha

    I would love to dat trip to France with my son Dylan, he also uses a wheelchair so thankyou for all the helping info I can use towards planning a trip in the future
    Look forward to next blog x

  8. Hey myles….glad you had a nice time,very exciting for you…i have always wondered what the train to france would be like..sounds alot of fun…we love reading about all your travels,keep up the good work.
    Love wendy&patrick.xx

  9. I’ve just read your latest blog above and as always it was a good read – such a great idea to share your experiences so other families know what’s out there and all your tips too – glad you enjoyed your hot chocolate and mum found some wine! Keep on blogging please!!

  10. I reley liked your coments thank you.
    Zara Gabriel I wud love to visit you if we go to the outlet agen.
    Zoe And Lesley I love going to France, don’t worry about what you see on the news,
    I will be going to more places soon so keep looking at my blogs to find out about accesibul places to go.
    Thanks from Myles.

  11. Such a shame that you couldn’t fully enjoy your day trip in France with a lot of the shops being closed. But typical super trooper Myles you made the most of it and found somewhere accessesible.

    Sounds like you had an amazing time in Kent, hope you didn’t spend to much money in the shops. Xxx

  12. Hiya Myles….wow France! Sounds like it had everything you could ever wish for….shopping…coffee…chocolate…hot chocolate…..aherm wine…hee hee!
    Its great to read all your fab trips out Myles and you taking the time to blog it all is brilliant…made me want a wee trip to France now……so you fancy being my tour guide? I can pay you in chocolate?? hee hee.
    Look forward to your next adventure Myles! Loadalove xxx Janey xxx

  13. Hi Myles, It is always a pleasure reading your blog.
    Your adventures are amazing, we are a fan of shopping too.
    I hope you are having a great day.

  14. Wow I thought all the places in France would be open!!!
    Myles I love reading your blog it’s always so informative and gives me confidence to try new places with Holly.
    Another outstanding piece young man very very very well done and I’m very proud to be your friend xxx
    Also can you tell your mum to save me a glass of that wine xxxx

  15. Myles your travels are filled with so much fun. I wish you had space in your bags for me. I love all the tips you give us on accessible places and really hope to try them out some time with rhea. Keep up the good work Myles
    Purabi xxx

  16. Hello Myles! I only just read this as I’ve had a shed head! I’m sure your mummy and daddy will be able to explain!

    What a fantastic trip to France, filled with chocolate it seems! It is so helpful to know how accessible places are. You really are our Ambassador! Perhaps you could have some stickers made saying ‘Myles was here. Accessible approved!’ The Strongbones/ Myles version of the Michelin star!!

    So looking forward to more GoPro vlogs from you too although your writing is so descriptive, I can almost imagine your travels as if it was a video!

    Huge loves and high 5s from Lew Lew and I! Love you dude xx

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