Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust 25/11/2015 My Holidays

Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust 25/11/2015 My Holidays


Hi giys this is my blog from October half term hope you enjoy reeding it.


On Monday I went to London, I was invited to the Bafta place to the premear of Shurn the sheep. On the way the traffic was bisey and there was a fire in London corsing more traffic. It took us 3 hours to get in to London from getting of the M1, which made us miss the film. We went into a big room and sat at a table, a lady came and told us to move to a different table. I was moved to a table next to a chair with a reservd sign on it. I storted to make a model of a larma and Prince Harry sat dawn next to me! We sat chating about my job in Strongbones, Well child charity, my school and my frends. He is a nice and kind gentel man and smiles a lot. He was verey happy to meet me and I was verey happy to meet him to. He made a Shurn the sheep model. Prince Harry got up to play a game with Prince William and Kate, they were throwing welleys at a scare crow to try to nok his hed of. They were lafing and we all had fun. When it was time to leve I was givn a goodey bag with lots of Shurn the sheep goodeys in it.



After we went to London designer outlet and went into Lindtt, Hallmark and M and S outlet. Then we walkd arawnd the shops and went into the Guess shop for Lauren to get her a neckles and I chose it for her graduashun.


We calld in at Anssev inden restront in Long eton on the way home after the outlet and it was dark when we got home.


I had a grate holiday whith my fameley.

also went to Birmingham Resort World  outlet, York Designer outlet and Oden cinema twise in the holiday.

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