Welcome To Myles Sketchley's Blog

Welcome To Myles Sketchley's Blog

Myles’s New Fortnightly Blog

We are pleased to announce the opening of Myles Sketchley’s new blog.    Myles is our youth Ambassador and works tirelessly to raise awarenesses for Strongbones and help other children who like himself suffer with serious Bone conditions.  We hope this is a place where children and parents can come to share their news and  stories with each other.


23rd March 2015

Hi evreyone thank you for your coments and support. Well dun Megan for getting the medulls it is a grate acheevment. 

I hope you all treeted your mums good on Sunday. I got my mum sum gifts to make her happey. On Sunday lunch we went to the Gateway Hotel at Nottinghom for a familey meul and on Wensday I went to Strelley Hall in Nottinghom for Mothers Day tea and cakes.

 I have also been to Kids In The Midel in Coventreey. It is a disebilteys exhibishon wher lots of companees help people with disebilteys by doing lots of diferent things like sorting wheelchirs, planing holidays and finding new eqwipment. It is a rely good exhibishun and you shud go and have a look.

 I look forwed to heering from you soon.

Love from Myles




Monday 9th March

Helo my name is Myles and I am 15 yers old. This is my ferst ever blog post. I am the Yoth Ambasader for Strong bones  charity, this meens I triy to rase lots of muney and awernes for them. I like helping the charity becurs Strong bones has helped me and my familey in the past. I werk with Lauren Lovejoy fundrasing, going to events and suporting her when she sings. At Christmas time we went to Argos to buy lots of toys to donate to the childrens word at QMC. If you wont to reed more about me and my charity werk, I wil be riting a blog every 2 weeks, so plees leev me a mesige and I wil triy to rite bak.

Thank you from Myles.


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  1. Wow. Great news. Just shown Jack (Little Tisso) and he’s very proud of his mate. Keep up the fantastic work Myles, we love sharing the info of the bravery awards you give out, so now with your blog you will create many more smiles. Xxxxx

  2. Hi myles well done on starting your blog I’m looking forward to reading it every 2weeks your doing a fantastic job for strongbones you should be extremely proud of yourself I bet you’re mum is. Keep up the good work. Fantastic picture of you to.

  3. Hi Myles just wanted to show you Megans latest achievement. Her and several others have recently taken part in a Panathlon representing Croydon. Her team all came away with gold medals, Megan got gold for table cricket and the slalom race. They got through to the semi finals where they all came away with silver medals but based on points they won and are representing Croydon in the finals. Woooooohoooooo the finals are in June at the copper box, yep the Olympic Park. So very proud of her and she wanted me to share a pic of her with her medals xxxx


  4. I love your blog Miles and I love the fact you’ve written it yourself. The group in Coventry does sound brilliant doesn’t it?
    And a big CONGRATULATIONS to Megan on her medals too!
    Can’t wait to read your next blog post Miles

  5. We loved reading it Myles-and Christine. We will get to kidz in middle again one of these years!! Glad you all had a great mums day! Your mom deserves it for sure! Love Lewis and Samantha x

  6. Hi Miles, I’m Brendan Currie’s big sister we met at Kids in the Middle last week, we had a chat whils the olds were busy gassing hehe
    It was lovely to finally meet you and hope we can all arrange something again soon 🙂
    Keep up the great work that you are doing

  7. Hey Myles! Great reading your blogs! I’m on my laptop now so can do a proper comment! Looking forward to reading more about your travels and hopefullly Lew and I will be able to catch up with you again soon! Love to you and your family! Love from Samantha and Lew Lew x

  8. Love reading you’re blog Myles, sounds like you’ve been busy. You’ll never guess what, on mothers Sunday I ended up cooking dinner for everyone BUT I refused to was up hahahaha.

    I look forward to reading you’re next blog and hearing what you have been upto xx

  9. each week Bradley and I tune in to read your blog Myles, it’s really good reading what you have to say. Siobhan
    I lik it becoz you tel abuoyt wot yo dun Bradley

  10. Hello Myles, I tried doing this last night and I have no idea where my message went, so I am trying again tonight.I am very glad to see that you really treated your Special Mum on Mothers Day.I had some lovely treats from my family too.I hope we will be going to Kids in the Middle in November in Manchester, yours was a little bit to far to travel.It is a great place to see what is New and possibly useful in the future. Bye for now, Love Carol.XX

  11. Hi Myles. Another brilliant blog. Posting without Little Tisso tonight as he’s sleeping over at Portland College. When I rang a short while ago he was in the kitchen with the others and they were all having jam on toast! Was there anything interesting at the exhibition to report back on?

  12. By the way, hopefully getting the lay z spa out again soon. Wanted to say thank you again for the bravery award you gave to Jack. he put his money towards his spa and it helps him so much, it’s been missed over winter!
    (Tried to upload a pic but wouldn’t let me on my kindle)

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