Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust 11/05/2015 Visit to Bendrigg

Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust 11/05/2015 Visit to Bendrigg

Bendrigg Trust

Hi, Last weekend I went to Bendrigg Trust in the Lake Distrikt. It is a charity run bisnis for disabulld pepel and children to do activites like caving, rok climing, archery, zip wier, cnowing, cicling, going in a tepe and much more.

I went on Friday and wen I got ther we met up with our frends then went to our room to setel in. The room was relly good it had a track hoist, electric beds and a shower trolley bed that folds out from the wall.

After we had seteld in our room, we went to the meeting room wher a ladey told us abawt the activites we cud do that nigt. I chosed to do caving it was good. We went to the sports hall and I had to put a helmet on. Daddy and me went into the cave it was dork but I had a ligt on my helmet to see. Ther was drips of reel woter cuming from the cave turets. After we went back up to the hall and I played ping pong with Daddy and a ladey it was reley fun but it was trikey.



We all went to the kidey canteen for dinner. It was good becus you have to help yourself. After diner I was reley tired so we went to our room to bed.


On Saturday we went for brekfast then to archery. Then I did zip wier, they liftd me up in the hoist to get me redey and pushd me up to the platform to clip me onto the zip wier. The zip wier went relley fast and I lovd it.


We went back to the sports hall to go on the big swing. It was relley fast and fun and cool I cud see every one down below. We had lunch all tegether befor doing rok climing.

Ther was a speshul wall for weelcheirs to clim up and they hav got speshul straps to put to the weelcheirs to clim up the wall. Ed helpd me to get redey and make shur it was safe. He gav me a rope to pull and I had to shout pull when I wantd to get up the wall. Daddy climd up the wall next to me. When we got to the top they unclipd me and I went down a lift to get down.



At nigt I went to the sensery room for a chil out disco with my frends.


Sunday we went cnowing we had to go on a bus to the lake. They got a speshul hoist to lift me onto the bot and I had to wer a lif jaket. It was good we had hot choclet and a biskit on the bot. When we got back to the room we had to go to the meting room. A ladey gav us stificet and a medel. She shak my hand and sed thank you.


I had a grat time at Bendrigg Trust, thank you for leting me stay. I wud recamend it to every one. I hope to see you all soon!


Love from Myles

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  1. Myles first of all well done for taking the time to share your amazing stories of your time in bendrigg. Sounds like you had an amazing time and thanks for showing us somewhere that is finally accessible for all disabilities I’m always looking for some wer to take Sophie and having the chance to do and try some of the things you do e is an amazing experience!!!!
    Thank you once again it is lovely to hear what you have been up to… Look forward to your hearing about your future experiences ….
    Lots of love
    Angela and Sophie sutherland

  2. I am so glad you had such a good time Myles and I bet you really want to back again.Holly, Ruby,Hayley and Gary said they had a great time too, especially being with their friends, ( you and your lovely family ) I will look forward to your next blog, I just wonder what you will get up to next.XX

  3. wow myles that sounds awesome! Thank you for telling us all about it! I don’t think Lewis has ever been in a cave so I think after reading about your adventures, I might take him to visit one!

    Lots of love and hugs big guy xx

  4. i love to Read about Myles and Hollys adventures it gives me hope and makes me realise that Emily can achieve whatever she wants, and can experience the same outdoor activities that are open to her brother and sister. You and Holly are both true inspirations and i love to see your pictures and read about what your both achieving. Please please don’t stop posting. Lots of Love xxxx Lesley B

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